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Why Purple?

It Is The Color For Viola.

The Viola is an awesomely unique bowed string played upright like a Violin… but larger.

With the same strings as a Cello… but an octave higher.

The tone of the Viola is lush, velveteen & dark…

Much like the vocal range associated with the clef we play in, Alto.

However, many describe the visual embodiment of the Viola’s timbre as… Purple.

Here’s a few examples of the Viola-Purple Connection:

  • It is the color associated with Violists studying the Suzuki Viola School Method.

  • The Viola shares its name with the Viola genus of flowers which includes Violets.  Violet is a shade of purple.

  • Composer, Joan Tower, has written works for Viola Solo that include the color purple in the title to describe the instrument’s enigmatic sound such as “Wild Purple” and “Purple Rhapsody”.

  • In this studio, we say “Let Purple Reign” to show our Viola pride and affection for our beloved instruments.

  • Also, Purple is the color of royalty… hence “Reign.”

  • And yes, the tagline is also a play on the hit by Prince, “Purple Rain.”  I think we all miss him☹

To learn more about the Viola, check out the Ted Talk below.

Why Purple?: About
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